About Rivers of Grace Boutique

Rivers of Grace started as a business in 2005, when I put some of my photos on note cards, canvases, and magnets.  In 2012, Rivers of Grace became a boutique. NOW IN 2016,  Rivers of Grace turned into my Studio. I enjoy creating all sorts of items and selling at local shops and shows.

Vintage… Handmade… Unique …

I enjoy working with china, furniture, vintage jewelry, and anything old and meaningful.  Vintage items with a twist are my style. To take something that has been discarded, almost useless, and reinvent it, giving it a new purpose, that's my goal! 

As a child growing up in Murrells Inlet, everyday was an adventure. My creativity became apparent at an early age.  I can remember rearranging my room, hanging a sheet around my bed to create a canopy, making beds and clothes for my Barbie’s, and building playhouses outside my mom’s flower Shop. I loved using my imagination.

Now I’m an adult, and I still look at life as an adventure. I feel right at home at Rivers of Grace Boutique, making and creating, useful and fun things with my hands. Now, I am passing the art of creating down to my own children.  Every experience I’ve encountered, every creative challenge I’ve faced, every moment in my previous days, have been the building blocks in creating the person I am today.

A few years ago, I thought to myself, “I wish I could just have my own space to be creative with all my tools, crafts, and paints. Even if I just had one of those small old campers.”  God gave me so much more when He gave me Rivers of Grace Boutique. :DHis reality is much bigger than my dreams.   Now I have a workshop, and a gift shop!

The boutique is in a house built in the 1940’s by my great uncle. He also built the house I grew up in… how cool is that!

My mom is amazing! She is there every time I need her.  Keeping me focused tends to be her biggest job.  Lol!  She has her work cut out for her.  My daddy is an awesome builder.  His carpentry skills go to work with my challenging requests.  My parents are by my side to help make & create all of my crazy, out there ideas.  I am incredibly blessed to have a wonderful husband and children who love me and support me.

In following God on the path He has laid out for me, I’d have to say, there is no other place I’d rather be. :D

Thank you for visiting my site. Please message me; I would love to hear from you.

EnJOY your day!


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